Sli Dube

Sli Dube (full name Silibaziso Dube) was born April 11, 1989 in Tokyo, Japan.

She is the daughter of Spencer Dube and Katie Ndlovu, older sister to Andrew and Lifalami. Silibaziso commonly goes by her shortened name of Sli (pronounced Slee). After having lived in Tokyo Japan for four and a half years, she relocated with her parents and brother Andrew to Harare, Zimbabwe. In 1998, Sli and her brother moved with their mother Katie to Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada.

Sli started her journey in exploring the runway since she was five years old. Her mother, at the time, a business partner for African Pride clothing line, offered Sli the opportunity to model for African Pride fashion shows in Zimbabwe. She took part in local fashion shows soon after relocating to Canada.

In 2008, Sli signed a contract with a local Halifax agency. However, due to relocating to Toronto shortly after, she could no longer continue a contractual relationship with the agency.

June 14, 2012 Sli graduated from the Early Childhood Education program in Honours from Georgian college. As of today, she is currently furthering her education at Griffith University, in Brisbane, Australia, working towards a BA in Education. She remains a free-agent and once again breaking into the fashion modeling industry with fierce yearning to provoke, motivate and inspire both young boys and girls all over the world.

Mission statement:
As a model, my goal is to positively inspire the lives of young boys and girls around the world through my work and past experiences. I would like to help others reach their personal aspirations through self motivation and perseverance.

Her vital statistics are:
Country: Zimbabwe
Date Of Birth: April 11, 1989
Full Name: Silibaziso Dube
Star Sign: Aries
Height: 5'9.5ft
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Dark Brown
Shoe size 8.5 US

Facebook: facebook.com/pages/Sli-Dube-OFFICIAL-PAGE/230557693940
Twitter: @slidube
Website: www.slidube.com

Direct contact:
Facebook: facebook.com/sli.dube